SUV trip to the Kolsai Lakes

The tour is very exciting, you will visit the ALMATY region one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan, the most beautiful nature, coniferous forests, birch groves, mountains. Kolsai Lake is an ideal place for hiking, horse riding, for a camp in the mountains.
Our Team will be glad to organize a great trip with a professional Guide.

Tour Highlights:

Tour duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Tour Format:  Road Trip / Mileage on SUV: 850 km

Tour itinerary: 3 Canyons of the Charyn River * Valley of Castles - *Lunar Canyon - *Temirlik Canyon (Iron) - Zhalanash Valley - Kolsai Lake - Kaindy Lake (Flooded Forest)

level Easy / optional / customize the program
Trekking: 5-12 km per day overnight in the canyon in a tent / campground Comfort +

Overnight in Kazakh Yurt / optional /

Boat rental / cruise

Horseback riding: optional


Pleasant moments of adventure
Why is it worth going on a private individual Tour for 3 days?

What will we get in 3 days on a private individual Tour?

This tour is exciting and full of amazing photo stops, we will see a lot of beautiful landscapes.

Day  One
We are provide a Comfortable SUV with an experienced English-speaking guide who will meet you like the best friends. We will visit the Bartogay reservoir, from the Kazakh language it means "here is the forest". In fact, this amazing place is a Lake in the middle of carbon Rocks, the view of the landscape resembles the plot of Mad Max. Stop on the shore of the reservoir and the guide will prepare ground coffee in a coffee maker and prepare tea with mountain herbs.

Charyn Canyon - The most beautiful canyon in Kazakhstan. We will visit the national park as VIP guests, our experienced guide knows the most breathtaking locations that others do not know about. We will visit all the TOP locations for photography, without crowds of tourists. We will arrange for you the coolest trekking you have ever had. The guide knows many legends and stories that the Canyon keeps. It will be amazing!

An overnight stay in one of the 3 Canyons is an unforgettable atmosphere between untouched nature and travelers. We will stop for the night in tents - this will be our hotel 1001 *, we will organize a campfire, cook our favorite dish on a fire, admire 1000 stars.

Day Second
Canyon safari on powerful off-road vehicles. We will visit Lunar Canyon, take apalecpic pictures, trekking in the canyon gorge. The guide organizes a BBQ picnic in nature with the best view and cold beer. In the evening we will find ourselves in the middle of mountains with coniferous forest. The local resident will meet us at the guest house as best friends.