Kyrgyzstan country is one of the most beautiful countries in Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan includes magnificent wild mountain pastures, nomads who live in yurts, as well as large alpine meadows and lakes. 3/4 Territory of the mountain.
Cities and buildings of Soviet planning (the Epoch of the Soviet period) all this can still be explored in Kyrgyzstan.
It is these contrasts that make the country so useful for traveling.



Bishkek - Burana Tower (Minaret of the 9th century, 25 m high) - Burana Tower -
Konorchek Canyons - SON KUL LAKE

Journey time 1 hour 30 minutes

Burana Tower is located near the City of Tokmok. The remains of the buildings date back to the X-XI centuries of our era. Near the tower there is a "rock garden" in which are collected: the so-called "balbals" - ancient tombstones, ancient millstones, and stones with cave paintings.

Location # 2 Konorchek Canyon

Journey time 2 hours
Moving across the beautiful Boom Gorge, pass the string of villages stretching on the way to the Boom Gorge.
lunch at the pleasant Cafe Ak Ilbirs.
The Road goes deep into a narrow Canyon, our path lies along a mountain road 5-8 km.
Arrival at a location in the Heart of Konorchek Canyon

Location # 3  Sonkel Lake

Sonkel Lake is a fabulous alpine lake of the Tien Shan. Its name can be translated into Russian as “The Last Lake”, but this is only one of the options. It is located at an altitude of 3016 meters above sea level, in the northwestern part of the Naryn region.
Son-Kul Lake is of tectonic origin.
Journey time 3 hours 30 minutes

We will have the opportunity to take beautiful photographs, and video from high mountain passes

At evening, arrival at Son Kul Lake. Dinner of National cuisine, sunset meeting.
We will be organized a small performance with national dances around the campfire, any of the guests can take part in the national dance! Our super guide will tell you some legends and stories about this unique alpine Son Kul Lake.
Overnight in yurts. Yurts are made of wooden frame and covered with felt, it’s very cozy inside!
Yurt town, where we will stay one of the best in the Republic!




Location # 4 Petroglyphs of Andronovo culture in the II mil.
Journey time 1 hour 30 minutes

On our way, not far from the Lake, we will stop at the ancient Petroglyphs and ancient stone circles on the southern shore of Son-Kul Lake.
Excursion time 30-40 minutes
Moving across the pass "33 Parrots"
At the pass we also make stops for photographing.

Journey time 2 hours

Location # 5 pass "33 Parrots" (3 133 m).

Very picturesque place, a stunning view of the gorge opens before us, and from above you can see almost all 33 turns of a steep serpentine (why actually 33 parrots)

Travel time 2 hours to Naryn city.
Lunch at a local cafe in the town of Naryn.

Transfer to the Mountain Hotel
Journey time 40 minutes
Check in at the Mini Mountain Hotel.




Journey time 2 hour 30 minutes

On this day we will done a distance of 350 km.
Overnight at village Tamga, located on the southern coast of Lake Issyk Kul.

Issyk-Kul Lake is the second largest alpine lake in the world (1608 m above sea level). It is also called the “Pearl of Central Asia” due to its extraordinary beauty.

Journey time 4 hours

Location # 6 Orto-Tokoy reservoir

Located on the Chu River 2 km west of the village of Orto-Tokoi, on the border of the Naryn and Issyk-Kul regions

Beautiful place, sandy reservoir, lunch stop with great views

Location # 7 "FAIRY TALE" CANYON 

Canyon "Fairy Tale" is a truly fabulous place!

During the day, the Canyon changes several times, in the morning - a mysterious awakening, in the afternoon - daytime splendor, and in the evening - a romantic date with the sunset !!! This is an unforgettable experience 

Overnight in a cozy guest house and they are very tasty food!
Guest house "Tamga" "Euro" Shower + toilet, separate rooms -TWIN.



Barskoon Waterfall -PLATO ARABEL-Karakol city

Location # 8 Barskoon WATERFALL

Journey time 1 hour

Breakfast and departure to Barskoon Gorge
There are two interesting monuments in Barskoon: a Soviet truck mounted on a wide pedestal, and a bust of Yuri Gagarin - the astronaut was resting on the southern coast of Issyk-Kul and, of course, went hiking after his historic first manned space flight.
Today we will visit waterfall Barskoon!
Upon returning to SUVs, hot tea and coffee with cookies and chocolate ..

Location # 9 ARABEL VALLEY

Off-road driving time: 2 hours to the final point
Total time 4 hours.

Arabel Valley is a highland plain in the floodplain of the Arabel River, located at an altitude of up to 4,000 meters above sea level. September is Real Winter! The temperature is up to -5 degrees and there are snowfalls at 4000m. The plateau is famous for its lakes of glacial origin, there are more than fifty of them. Lakes are territorially divided into three groups: Zhuuku - a group of lakes at the watershed of the same river. 
Today we will visit this beautiful place.

On the plateau we will have 30-40 minutes of free time to enjoy beautiful views, after descent to the Barskoon gorge and departure to the Karakol Town

Location #10 Karakol Town

Karakol is located in the east of Issyk-Kul Lake, at the foot of the majestic Tien Shan mountains. The city, founded by Russian Cossacks in the middle of the XIX century, as one of the garrisons for immigrants.
Arrival in the Karakol Town
DINNER at the national restaurant.
After a hearty dinner, departure to a cozy guest house.
Overnight at the guest house.
Accommodation conditions: guest house or hotel "Euro" Shower + toilet, separate rooms - TWIN.



Karakol Town - Altyn Arashan Gorge (Gold source)

Location # 11 Altyn Arashan (Gold Source)

Journey time 1 hour

Today we will change the transport to the most suitable for heavy off-road.
Gas 66 - “Shift” with a 18-seat kung - this is an all-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle!
The mountain road will be very exciting!

Off-road driving time: 3 hours to the final point
Total time 4 hours.

Altyn-Arashan in translation means "golden healing keys." Surprisingly, in a small area on the surface of the earth, sources with different water composition and temperature beat. In a hydrogen sulfide source, the water temperature reaches +38 degrees. You can swim in them all year round, healing water treats diseases of the joints, digestive organs, liver, kidneys, heart.
Journey time 3 hours to Altyn Arashan
Kilometer 30 km asphalt + 15 km mountain road.
Arrival at the base camp, comfortable accommodation in a mini-hotel.
TWIN rooms



Altyn Arashan - Ala Kul (Heavenly Lake) - Altyn Arashan - Karakol Town

Location # 11 Altyn Arashan (Gold Source)

We have to done 12 km along the mountains to the Pass and climb 500 meters to the top to see Lake Ala-Kul.
All this can be done, provided that you ride on horseback!
3 hours horse riding a  in one direction and also in the other.
Believe us, for the sake of this Lake - it's worth it!
Upon arrival at the Lake, we will have 1 hour to take stunning pictures and fly a drone!
A small snack on top and return to Altyn Arashan base camp.
Way back to the Base camp
A hot lunch 
Departure to Karakol.
In the evening, arrival at the guest house, dinner and relaxation.



Karakol Town - Cholpon Ata - Yacht Club.

Location # 13 Yacht Club.

This day will be more relaxed, as the team spent a lot of energy on Lake Ala-Kul, and today we are enjoying a beautiful road along the northern shore of Lake Issykul to Cholpon Ata.
This is a small Resort Town, where we will stay for the night.

Evening cruise on Lake Issyk Kul on a boat

A sunset meeting with great views and a glass of sparkling wine!
In the guest house, the long-awaited delicious dinner will be waiting for us!
Gatherings by the fire and songs 




Chalpon-Ata - Chon Kemin National Park - Bishkek

Location # 14 Chon Kemin National Park.

Chon-Kemin is a unique nature reserve, where the natural landscapes remained almost intact. Here, glaciers coexist with green coniferous forests and steppe regions. On three sides, the valley is closed by ridges and lies at an altitude of 1400 to 2800 m above sea level.

Drive to Chon Kemin National Park
Travel time 2 hours 30 minutes 160 km

Today we will make Rafting of category 4 along the 2nd rivers Chon-Kemin and ChU river.
The Chon Kemin River flows in a picturesque gorge. On the slopes of the mountains grows the Tien Shan spruce. The first 12-15km river is of 4 categories of difficulty and the rafting is very emotional. On the Chon-Kemin River, it is supposed to swim 20-25km.

Departure to the Bishkek City
Travel time 3 hours 140 km
On the way we will stop for photographing.
Arrival at the Hotel in the evening

Economy Package

Price for All Inclusive PACKAGE

Economy Package:

Price: 2150 USD


Total Cost All Inclusive Package: 

  • Price per  group of 2 pax   2780 USD 

  • Price per  group of 3 pax   3820 USD 

  • Price per  group of 4 pax   4980 USD 

  • Price per  group of 5 pax   6200 USD 


All Inclusive Package: 

SUV + fuel + experienced English-speaking guide +  meals + entrance tickets to parks.
- Meals 3 times a day
- Transport (SUVs Nissan Patro Y61l, or Toyota Land Cruiser 105)
- Transfer Shishiga 4 * 4 Gas 66 (Shift)
- Rafting
- Eagle show
- Boat trip
- horseback for hiking on Ala-Kul Lake

- Accommodation:
Yurt - SON KUL yurt camp “Nomad’s Dream” 
Naryn - "Khan Tenri" guest house (Twin room)
Tamga- guest house  (Twin room)
Karakol - guest house  (Twin room)
Altyn Arashan - guest house  (Twin room)
Karakol - "Karagat" hotel 4 *  (Twin room)
Chalpon-Ata - Hotel "Dolinka"  (Twin room)

The program can be changed or supplemented as you expect

We are looking forward to meeting you on this amazing tour!

With pleasure our Team will answer all your questions :)

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