Kyrgyzstan country is one of the most beautiful countries in Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan includes magnificent wild mountain pastures, nomads who live in yurts, as well as large alpine meadows and lakes. 3/4 Territory of the mountain.
Cities and buildings of Soviet planning (the Epoch of the Soviet period) all this can still be explored in Kyrgyzstan.
It is these contrasts that make the country so useful for traveling.



Bishkek - Burana Tower (Minaret of the 9th century, 25 m high) - Burana Tower -
Konorchek Canyons - SON KUL LAKE

Journey time 1 hour 30 minutes

Burana Tower is located near the City of Tokmok. The remains of the buildings date back to the X-XI centuries of our era. Near the tower there is a "rock garden" in which are collected: the so-called "balbals" - ancient tombstones, ancient millstones, and stones with cave paintings.

Location # 2 Konorchek Canyon

Journey time 2 hours
Moving across the beautiful Boom Gorge, pass the string of villages stretching on the way to the Boom Gorge.
lunch at the pleasant Cafe Ak Ilbirs.
The Road goes deep into a narrow Canyon, our path lies along a mountain road 5-8 km.
Arrival at a location in the Heart of Konorchek Canyon

Location # 3  Sonkel Lake

Sonkel Lake is a fabulous alpine lake of the Tien Shan. Its name can be translated into Russian as “The Last Lake”, but this is only one of the options. It is located at an altitude of 3016 meters above sea level, in the northwestern part of the Naryn region.
Son-Kul Lake is of tectonic origin.
Journey time 3 hours 30 minutes

We will have the opportunity to take beautiful photographs, and video from high mountain passes

At evening, arrival at Son Kul Lake. Dinner of National cuisine, sunset meeting.
We will be organized a small performance with national dances around the campfire, any of the guests can take part in the national dance! Our super guide will tell you some legends and stories about this unique alpine Son Kul Lake.
Overnight in yurts. Yurts are made of wooden frame and covered with felt, it’s very cozy inside!
Yurt town, where we will stay one of the best in the Republic!