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Helicopter tours
(Duration of tour 4-6 hours)

We Creating friendly atmosphere in our trips!

Our Team not just to arranging The Helicopter Tours, We are organizing various activities helicopter tour such as delicious lunch in unusual Places or Archery or shotgun!

Season: April-November

Helicopter Tours are very popular in the Almaty region in Kazakhstan.
In just a few hours you can visit the most beautiful, unique places of the Almaty region:
Mountain tops and wide steppes, Lakes Waterfalls, Rock Art, see Ridges Zailisky Alatau.
Almaty region is very rich in Natural Sights:

Charyn Canyon
Kolsai Lakes
Kaindy Lake
Mountains Zailisky Alatau
Visit Altyn Emel National Park

Of course, before you will open stunning, breathtaking views, panoramas.
Flight scenarios are different!
Our Team of guides with extensive experience in tourism will help you create a rational, free-driving scenario (Route), taking into account all your wishes.

We are looking forward to meeting you on this amazing tour!
With pleasure our Team will answer all your questions :)

Tour cost:

  • depends on the itinerary and the programme

  • board for a maximum of 5 persons​ 

The Helicopter Tours in Almaty region

The Helicopter Tours in Almaty region

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