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8 days SUV tour


 8 days / 7 nights

This is an exciting tour of the most beautiful land of Kyrgyzstan. This  tour can accommodate 12 people in one  group. A real adventure keeps many secrets from the days of the Silk Road, the empire of Genghis Khan and the Soviet Union. We unravel some of the secrets that are still hidden today... Local people tell us legends and tales, perhaps some part is true We will visit the most picturesque places and on our way cross 4 different climatic zones: steppe, meadows, mountains with coniferous forests and rocks with glaciers

Are You Ready for an Adventure?



Waterfall In the Kegeti Gorge

Buran Tower Jonk Kemin Gorge

Konorchek Canyons

Red Bridge

Museum of Petroglifes "Stone Garden "

Issyk-Kul Lake

Chon Ak Suu Gorge Grigorievsky Gorge

Valley Kyrchyn

Semenovskoe Gorge

City Of Karakol

Jety Oguz Gorge

Waterfall Tears Of Bars

Plato Arabel "Skazka Canyon"

Kyzyl Touu

Orthoco Reservoir

Kochkor City Naryn

Ancient Fortress Koshoy Korchon

Сaravan sarai Tash Rabat

Pass "33 Parrot"

Son-Kul Lake

Salt caves

Water burning source

Valley Of Suusamyr

Too-Ashuu road Pass

rout map of kyrgyzstan (Копировать).jpg


  • Hiking

  • Horse riding

  • Sunset kayaking, stunning scenery

  • Overnight at the Yurt Camp and stargazing

  • Cook food at the stake

  • ​Get-togethers around the Campfire

  • Adventure road - 4x4 suv off road driving

  • Culture & Nature Discovery Walk

  • Testing national cuisine

  • New horizons discovering


burana tower in kyrgyzstan
chon kemin valley


Снежные горы
Suv tour in kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan country-Multi day tour

​DAY 1

Mileage per day: 240 km

We will see a 20-meter waterfall in Kegety, we will touch the history of the mysterious region of Kyrgyzstan. Burana Tower is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Kyrgyzstan. We will finish our first day of travel in Kyrgyzstan with a horse ride at sunset along the most beautiful gorge CHON KEMIN. In the evening Finnish sauna with a pool overlooking the mountains


Kegety gorge - waterfall overview with hot tea / coffee / chocolate

• Burana Tower - visit the local history museum

• Lunch at a local family - national cuisine

• Chon Kemin gorge, evening horseback ride


• Overnight in the mountain hotel / sauna / pool and legends around the campfire with a glass of mulled wine The guide tell us secrets about the wonderful land of Nomads


Mileage per day: 362 km

We will find out where the ancient volcano Segizkhan-Shokny is hidden We will hike along the Konorchek canyon bed. This amazing place, thousands of years of soil erosion have made this place what it is now: majestic clay sculptures, and an impressive scale. This place is famous for the fact that it is here that the remains of the ancient volcano Segizkhan-Shokny are located.

Hiking trekking: 2-4 km


Breakfast at the guest house

• Konorchek canyons - walk up to 2 hours

• Issyk Kul (northern coast) - Cholpon Ata city

• Lunch at the restaurant "Barashek"

• Visit to the Petroglyph Museum, which is sometimes called the Stone Garden

• Yacht club "Cruise", meeting the sunset, on board a pleasure boat

• Dinner at the restaurant, Overnight at the hotel


Mileage per day: 190 km

There is places always mysterious at the bottom of the lakes. There are such secrets at the bottom of Issyk-Kul Lake. Our team will have to find the clues and secrets of Lake Issyk-Kul.
Let's reveal the secret of the ancient civilization and find out where the legendary Usun city of Chigu is located. Let's go on a real Jeep adventure through the most beautiful high-mountainous Valleys, gorges of the Issyk-Kul region.
We will end our beautiful day with an evening kayak promenade
In the evening arrive in the legendary city of KARAKOL, there is a delicious dinner in a restaurant with a local flavor and a cozy hotel

Hiking trekking: 2-4 km

Kayaking up to 3 hours

Breakfast We leave for the city of Karakol through the Chon Ak Suu gorge. Picnic with a beautiful view of the Kok Tor pass Kyrchyn Valley - a meeting place for proud nomads Picnic with hot tea / coffee / chocolate

Semyonov Gorge. Trout and Lunch

Memorial museum-complex of the world famous traveler N.M. Przhevalsky. Kayaking at sunset 2-3 hours (provided that there is no rain and wind) If the weather is not favorable for kayaking, then we go to dinner with a Dungan family. You will learn all the secrets of cooking lagman, as well as take part in cooking dinner Hotel accommodation


Mileage per day: 220 km

SUV trip along the southern shore of Issyk Kul. There are a lot of interesting things await our team in the Jeti-Oguz gorge,unusual red rocks, from a distance resembling seven bulls lying on the ground. We learn legends and secrets from local residents of the region ...
Stunning sunset and a walk on the fabulously beautiful SKAZKA Canyon and overnight in a real Kyrgyz yurt on the shore of Issyk-Ku

Hiking trekking: 3-8 km


Breakfast in the hotel - Karakol city tour Visit the Jeti Oguz gorge, the "Broken Heart" mountain Kok Zhayik valley. Walk to the waterfall Maiden Braids. Picnic in the Kok Zhayik Valley. Travel along the southern coast of Issyk Kul Lake Meeting the sunset on the spurs of the SKAZKA Canyon, photographing, walking along the riverbed. yurt camping. Dinner, a festive main dish will be prepared for our team. It is possible to order from the menu. Campfire travel conversations with a glass of mulled wine


Mileage per day: 420 km

Breakfast on the shore of Issyk-Kul in the Yurt Camping and departure to the Barskoon Gorge. They say that Yuri Gagarin himself was very fond of walking along this gorge .... We will definitely walk along the same path to the Tears of LEOPARD waterfall, after which we will go to conquer the high passes gorges and our final goal will be a beautiful place, ARABEL CHEESES at an altitude of 4000m Even in summer there is real Winter! The temperature is up to -5 degrees and there are snowfalls at 4000m. The plateau is famous for its glacial lakes, there are more than fifty of them. A real adventure awaits us!

Hiking trekking: 3-5 km


Barskoon gorge Waterfall "TEARS OF BARS"

Sary-Moinok pass Picnic in nature Arabel Plateau / Arabel Syrty

A short walk to the waterfall "Chalice of Manas"

Lunch at the house of a local family in the Tamga village In the village of Kyzyl Tuu, almost every family is engaged in one craft - making yurts. Visit one of the families, where they will show us the main stages of production, and we will also be able to participate in the installation of the yurt itself. Meeting the sunset at the Ortotokoy reservoir The ancient city of KOCHKOR

Dinner and overnight in a cozy guest house


Mileage per day: 420km

We will find out why Kochkor is so called, visit the local bazaar, find out why there is no snow in this region in winter. SUV trip tothe SON KUL - the second largest alpine Lake in the country. Ahead of us are the steepest ascents and descents, breathtaking landscapes of the majestic mountains of Kyrgyzstan and the most winding serpentine "33 parrots". We will stop for the night in a fertile land, KOCHKOR - a favorite place of the khans during the Silk Road, a village concealing many legends and mysteries.

Hiking trekking: 3-5 km


Breakfast at the guesthouse and departure! Visit the local bazaar in Kochkor / shopping for food for travel Lunch at a local cafe in Naryn city Waterfall "33 parrots" Celestial Lake SON KUL 3016m above sea level Photographing, picnic with a beautiful view Arrival in the city of Naryn - the most "Kyrgyz city". The city is located on the bank of the longest river in the country "Naryn". Dinner Overnight at Hotel


Mileage per day: 420km

We will visit one of the most mysterious structures in Kyrgyzstan, we will go to the ancient stone caravan sarai Tash Rabat, our path will pass through the most beautiful Naryn region, and these are the ruins of the settlement of Koshoi-Korgon (At-Bash). The historical monument dates back to the 7th century. Koshoi-Korgon, served as a resting place for trade caravans and was the main hub in one of the busiest sections of the Silk Road.

Hiking trekking: 3-5 km


Guided tour of the ruins of the Koshoi Korgon Fortress
Caravan serai Tash Rabat, photographing
Lunch in a yurt
Arrival in Kochkor city
Dinner at the guest house
Overnight in a guest house in the village of KOCHKOR


Mileage per day: 420km

We will visit the Fiery Spring with an unusual phenomenon, “fire from water spring”. We will show you where you can recover from pulmonary diseases and how to fry eggs in water.
Suusamyr is a beautiful valley located between three large ranges of the northern Tien Shan. Emerald green grass, turbulent rivers and majestic mountains. A fertile place, the Great Silk Road used to pass, and nowadays it has become one of the favorite attractions for tourists in Kyrgyzstan.

Hiking trekking: 3-5 km


Breakfast at the guest house
Visit the salt mines
Let's check the myth or truth "fire out of water"
Lunch with a local family in the village of Kyzyl Oy
Enjoy the beautiful view of the Suusamyr valley, photographing.
Rest in the Suusamyr Valley with a snack
We will pass through the longest and highest mountain tunnel in Kyrgyzstan, which is called TOO-ASHUU (The height of the pass is 3,400 meters above sea level)
Arrival to Bishkek



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