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Breathtaking Tour to The National Parks

in Almaty Region

(Duration of Tour, 3 Days)


The Altyn-Emel National Park was created to preserve the unique ecosystems of the Ili intermontane basin and their biodiversity, to protect geomorphological and paleontological sites, historical and cultural monuments in combination with the development of ecological tourism.

Even today The Altyn Emel National Park is very rich with rare species of animals. such as teks (mountains goats), wild boars, roedeers - in the desert mountains, and in the lowland a traveler can watch desert antelopes.

The main attraction is Ak Tau Mountains - Translated from the Kazakh "White Mountains"

Ak Tau (White Mountains) mountains are the most the ancients and Unique in their Beautiful Landscapes in the National Park.
Ak Tau -  Mountains - The bottom of the ancient sea that filled that area many millions of years ago.

Ak Tau (White Mountains) - Mountains is a world-famous paleontological deposit located in the Altyn-Emel Natural Park. In the layers of Paleogene lake deposits, well-preserved remains of ancient animals, whose age is estimated at 25-30 million years, are found. Among the finds are the remains of giant rhinos, crocodiles and turtles. Ak Tau Mountains are a fascinating sight of various shapes and shades.

The mountains of Katu Tau Translated from the Kazakh "The Strong Mountain" were formed as a result of the action of the Volcanoes. Lava after the eruption of the Volcanoes froze and formed a plurality of Fantastic forms, shapes, Rocks, Cave of dark red color.

Rocky outcrops and colorful clay, which give a unique view of the landscape of the mountains. Katutau Mountains are the most waterless, steep and gloomy, characterized by steep slopes and numerous Canyons.

Between the Big and Small Kalkan mountain chains there is a striking Natural Formation - a mountain of Sand called The Singing Dune.
The Singing Dune has
100 meters in height and long 3 km.
When the weather is hot, dry and windy, the Dune begins to Sound like a flying aircraft.

February 23, 2004 Was formed
Charyn State National Natural Park.
There are several different, wild Canyons in the Park.
The most famous is Charyn Canyon.

Charyn Canyon - a natural monument, built of sedimentary rocks, whose age is about 12 million years. The height of the steep canyon mountains reaches 150-300 m.
The most interesting place for tourists is the so-called Valley of castles (
Charyn Canyon), whose length is about 3 km, width - 20-80 m.



Tour Sights:

- Singing Sand Dunes,

- Cretaceous Ak Tau mountains,

- Katy Tau volcanic mountains

- Willow 700 age

-  "Tiger" mountains

- Temerlik Canyon

- Bestomak Canyon

- Charyn Canyon (Valley of Castles) 


In the warmer months, the Ak-Tau Mountains - the perfect camping, we will cook on a campfire, watch the animals and birds, have a hike and take lots of pictures. You can also visit Altyn-Emel National Park with comfortable living conditions, such as mini hotel, house at Ranger.
We will visit the Charyn Park, explore several absolutely wild Canyons, and will stay at night in the Tent by the river in the Canyon and will Explore Charyn Canyon - one of the most popular Canyons among tourists.
In this fascinating and unique tour you can really enjoy the vastness and diversity of nature.
Take a break from city life and civilization

Tour program:

Day 1

07:00 AM departure from Almaty to Altyn Emel National Park.

11 00 AM Arrival to the "Basshi"  village.

Registration of tourists in the central office of the park

Moving to the volcanic mountains of Katu Tau.Country road is not the best quality, takes 1 hour 30 minutes.

On our way we will make short stops, watch the animals, take pictures.
Arrival in the mountains of
Katu Tau. Excursion, a small snack (Coffee Break).

Moving to the mountains of Ak Tau,
the landscape will change and in an hour we will arrive at the site for camping.
Leave our jeep and go hiking.
The hike can take
2-4 hours, depending on the weather conditions and the physical fitness of the tourist.
Of course we can explore these wonderful mountains.

In the evening we will set up a camp and make a bonfire for cooking.

Will have a time to sit around the bonfire and discuss plans for the next day, share your impressions of the day spent.

Day 2

6:30AM Breakfast

We will pack all the equipment for the camp and go to the hot spring.
The journey time is 1 hour 30 minutes.
At the source we can swim and take a Natural Shower after a hot desert.​

Moving to the Singing Dunes.
On our way we will observe
wild animals.

Arrival and hike to the top of Barkhan.

From the top you can see a stunning view of the Ili River Valley (One of the largest and longest rivers in our Region.)
Lunch with a beautiful view.
Departure to Сharyn Nation Park
The road will take
4 hours.

On the way we make stop in the "Tiger" mountains
The coloring of these low mountains resembles the texture of Tiger color.
therefore, the villagers called these beautiful mountains "Tiger".
Easy walk in the mountains.
We continue our journey
18:00 Arrival in Temirlik Canyon.
We organize our camping.
Cooking dinner on the bonfire
Overnight in tents

Day 3

6:30AM Breakfast
Moving to the panarama
Canyon Bestomak.
Descend to the Canyon, walking 4 km along the Canyon.
Rest by the river.
Moving to Charyn Сanyon
Travel time 1 hour
Check in, visit the most exciting Sightseeing views.
Descent to Charyn Canyon (Valley of Castles)
Easy trekking 3 km in the Canyon.
Lunch by the river.
Rest 1 hour.
Departure to Almaty Сity.
19:00 Arrival in Almaty Сity.

The tour program is very flexible, because, first of all, this is an individual tour and Our Team is pleased to offer the best scenario of the tour, taking into account all your wishes.

We can change the program depending on the weather

We are looking forward to meeting you on this amazing tour!

With pleasure our Team will answer all your questions :)

Price Economy Package:

Total Price: 649$


Jeep+Fuel+ Experienced English-speaking guide 

Full Package of Tour:

The cost depends on the number of person
1 person 678 USD

2 person in group 371/   for All group 742 USD  
3 person in group 275/    for All group 826 USD

4 person in group 227,5/ for All group 910 USD  

5 person in group 198,8 /for All group 994 USD  


Jeep + experienced English-speaking guide + driver + meals+ All camping equipment+ entrance tickets to parks

Not Included:
additional payment

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