Pearl Jewels of Tian-Shan

Private Day tour 

Kaindy Lake & Charyn Canyon

(Duration of Tour, 16hr.)

Kaindy Lake - one of the most beautiful natural places in Kazakhstan, a favorite place for mountain tourism, hides secrets and legends about which we know and will gladly tell and show this beautiful Kaindy Lake (Sunken forest)
Kolsaitour offerring an express - day tour, within 16 hours you will visit the most famous and mysterious Sights of Almaty.

If you are going to visit Kazakhstan or just have layover day in Almaty this tour is the best offer to feel the real Kazakhstan.

SEASON:  Whole year round


This is an unforgettable express day an adventure 16 hours tour, accompanied by a professional guide who will show you the most exciting locations during the tour. During the tour you will see untouched nature (unique territory) without crowds of people, this will make your tour special.

The Kolsai Lakes National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan, which must be visited.

Charyn canyon is one of the unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan. The canyon is about 12 million years old, and it surprises with its sheer cliffs, reminiscent of ancient castles created by wind, sun and rain.

Our goal in this tour is to acquaint the Guest with the surroundings of our region and immerse himself in the atmosphere of wild nature, show as many breathtaking landscapes as possible in a short 16-hour tour

This tour can be done all year round!
Winter is a special, fabulous and best time to enjoy a beautiful view of nature!
Enjoy a day tour - you will have a fascinating, memorable tour
This is an amazing trip you will have the opportunity to ride horses, go boating, go hike.


Charyn Canyon (Valley of Castles)

Black Canyon
Saty Village
Kolsai Lake
Kaindy Lake (Sunken forest)




04:00 Departure from your hotel / hostel / Almaty airport. 8:00 Breakfast at the guest house

9:00 Arrival to Kaindy Lake (Flooded forest) 1 hour hike / coffee break by the lake

11:00 Kolsay Lake Walking tour of the Kolsai lakes. The lake is 1 km long and 200 m wide. You will see beautiful landscapes, play of colors and contrasts.

14:00 Delicious lunch at the guest house.

15:00 Departure to Charyn Canyon

16:30 Arrival to the most beautiful Charyn Canyon Hike / photography at sunset.

20 00 Arrival in Almaty



Travel Taxi option: Suv (max. 5pax): 345USD 

Including: SUV-driver-fuel.