(Duration of Tour, 10-12hr.)

What Sights can be visited for one Day from Almaty?
Extremely beautiful place in Kazakhstan it is 

SEASON:  Whole year round

This is an unforgettable  an adventure Day Tour from Almaty accompanied by a Professional Guide, who show you the best Canyon spots with Breathtaking Exclusive Locations throughout the tour.
You will get a truly Individual exciting trip, without any stress or strain.

The Charyn Canyon is one of the unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan. The Canyon is about 12 million years old and surprises with its vertical cliffs, calling to mind ancient castles created by wind, sun and rain.
Over millions of years, the swift Charyn (Sharyn) River has carved a truly spectacular 150m- to 300m-deep canyon into the otherwise flat steppe some 200km east of Almaty, and time has weathered this into some weird and colourful rock formations. The most popular section, the Valley of Castles.

Charyn Canyon (Valley of Castles)

Bartogay Lake

Total Road mileage: 400 km


A great itinerary for a trip outside the city, suitable for a family tour, as well as a solo trip.
The road is varied with the most beautiful landscapes, you will be delighted to visit the locations of the tour.
A professional guide will show you the trails and discover exclusive views that are not known to groups of tourists, you will feel comfortable.
A delicious picnic with a fantastic view of the Canyon makes your trip unforgettable. Your photo bank is filled with incredibly beautiful photos of the Canyon
Hike  4-8 km, photography, wonderful emotions, new travel experience

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