This individual breathtaking tour for those, who like to stay surrounded by really wild Nature !
During this tour you will visit different natural Attractions of Almaty Region. We will cross 3 different climatic zones such as, Steppe, desert, meadows, Mountains with coniferous forests. We will observe the wild animals.

 "Golden Ring of Zhetysu"

(Duration 5 days)


Dear friends, this tour is very exciting, ideal for those who like to be stay surrounded by really wild nature, like hiking and camping life, cooking food on the fire .... an adventures will wait you in ahead!

In this fascinating trip you will visit one of the largest Natural reserve in Kazakhstan – Altyn Emel National Park, Ancient Canyons, Beautiful Lakes and mountains with snowy peaks.

The landscape diversity of the Charyn canyon determines the diversity of flora and fauna. Here grows more than 1500 plant species, 17 of which are listed in the Red Data Book of Kazakhstan and 62 species of mammals, 103 species of breeding birds, 25

You will find yourself high in the mountains, in the jumper, which connects the mountain ranges of the Zailiysky Alatau and Kungey-Alatau, between these overgrown slopes of the Kolsay gorge are hidden these natural treasures - wonderful lakes. Each of them has its own unique charm. Each in its own way beautiful.


Tour Sights:

- Singing sand Dunes,

- Cretaceous Aktau mountains (White mountains )

- Kutu Tau volcanic mountains,

- Dragon mountains near the Chinese border

- Zharkent  Town (Close to the border of China)

- An ancient mosque in Zharkent  Town

- Administrative center  Chunja Town

- Visiting the 4 Canyons (Exploring the Valley of the Canyons)

- Satty Village, Kolsai and Kaindy Lakes


This unique tour you will especially like, in the National Park Altyn Emel Very beautiful nature, diverse wild! this tour includes many options:
You can spend the
night in the tent, night in a real Yurt, cook food at the stake, watch the animals and birds.
Also there is an opportunity to visit the Altyn-Emel National Park with comfortable rooms in the local National Park hotel, you can dine and stay for the night.
Uniqueness of this tour, you will visit 5 differently visited Sights and visit different climatic zones.

Everyone will find something for themselves:

  • Hiking

  • Horse riding

  • Overnights the  in a tents

  • Night in a real Yurt - house of Nomads shepherds

  • Cook food at the stake

  • Sing your favorite songs on the guitar

  • Adventure roads in SUV vehicles

  • Mountain biking trips and boating

  • Study of nature cultural discoveries

  • Testing national food

Each guest will gain a new experience in this journey.

Tour program:

Day 1.

In the morning at 7:00 AM departure from Almaty to the Altyn Emel National Park.

Basshi village.

(The distance of 260 km is 4 hours).

In Bashshi in the central office of the Park we buy a pass to enter the territory of the park.

Lunch at the hotel "Aygay Kum" it is in the same village.

12:00 we go on Singing Dunes.

Singing Dune, reaching a height of 120 meters and a length of about 3 km, located in one of the corners of the Altyn-Emel National Park, a few kilometres from the Ili river between the mountains of Big and Small Kalkan. This sandy hill consists of very fine pure sand, which starts to “sing” in windy weather and its sound reminds the organ music. Before a sandy storm the dune sounds like a drum. From the top of the Dune you can observe the grand panorama of the surroundings. In the south – thin strip of the Ili River is visible as well as purple mountains of Sogety and Boguty, looking out from the white peaks of the Ketmen ridge. On the west the horizon is obstructed by the steep slope of the Big Kalkan, and the Small Kalkan – from the east. In the north – violet-blue ridge of Djungarian Alatau mountains, Chulak mountain, Matai and Altyn-Emel are visible. If the weather is dry and windy, the sand-dune will “sing” you its song, which could be heard as far as several kilometers…

The distance is 50 km one way,

Road * off-road, the journey time is 1.5 hours.

Along the way, we can observe different wild animals such as gazelles, hares, horses, wild birds of prey.

13:30  Arrival to the Dunes

An excursion of 1-2 hours depends on the weather conditions.

Then back to the village of Basshi.

Along the way, we can stop in a small oasis with spring water in the middle of the steppe.

A little enjoy the coolness and go further.

18:00 Arrival in the village of Basshi at the guest house.

Or At the request of a tourist (discussed before traveling with a tourist) to spend the night in a tent camp!

19:00  dinner.

Day 2   

7:30 Breakfast

8:00 departure from the hotel to the mountains of Aktau and Katutau

The distance is 75 km in one direction, the journey time is 1,5 hours, the road is the average impassable road.

9:30 Arrival to the Aktau Mountains

Excursion to the mountains of Aktau and Katutau.

The Aktau Mountains (White Mountains) are a world famous paleontological deposit located in the natural park of Altyn-Emel. In the layers of Paleogene lacustrine sediments, well-preserved remains of ancient animals are found whose age is estimated at 25-30 million years. Among the finds are the remains of giant rhinoceroses, crocodiles and turtles. The mountains of Ak Tau represent an enchanting spectacle of the variety of shapes and shades. In the mountains of Katutau (Harsh mountains), there are several extinct volcanoes, where the most original forms of volcanic formations (frozen lava) have been preserved. There are also diverse outcrops and coloring (yellow, red, violet, etc.) rock outcrops and variegated clays that give a unique look to the landscape of the mountains. The mountains of Katutau are the most waterless, steep and gloomy, characterized by steep slopes and numerous gorges. There is the largest number of argali and mountain goats.

Excursion 1 hour

Moving to the mountains of Katu Tau (distance 25km, travel time 1 hour)

Excursion 1 hour

12:30 Transfer to the hotel

13:30  lunch at the hotel

14:30 Transfer to the  Zharkent City

(Located 29 km from the Chinese border.)

The central mosque of the city of Zharkent, an architectural monument of the XIX century. The mosque was built in 1895 according to the project of the Chinese architect Hon Peak, on the initiative and funds of the Semirechye merchant of the first guild, Vali Akhun Yuldashev, in the center of the city of Jarkent (now the city of Zharkent). Since 1982 it is under the protection of the state as a monument of architecture and history of republican significance

The distance is 120 km - the journey time is 2 hours.

17:30 Arrival to the city of Zharkent

Excursion 1 hour

Dinner and Overnight at a guest house.


Day 3

Morniing Breakfast

Moving to the location in the region of 4 Canyons

Visit each Canyon:

1 Canyon "Temirlik"

2 Canyon "Yellow"

3 "Clay" canyon

4 Charyn Canyon (VALLEY castles)

Lunch in one of the canyons

Transfer to the territory of Kolsay Lake in the village of Saty

In the evening arrival to the village of Saty in the guest house to a local family!

Dinner and overnight at the guest house.

Or At the request of a tourist (discussed before traveling with a tourist) to spend the night in a tent camp!


Day 4 


Transfer to Kolsai Lake №1

Distance 15 km Travel time 40 minutes

Sightseeing tour 1 hour

Walking tour to Lake Kolsai № 2

The distance to one side is 7km. Journey time 3 hours

Along the way you will see very beautiful views!

On the shore of the Lakes lunch free time is 1-2 hours

Return to the parking lot to the jeep

Transfer to the village of Saty there is dinner and overnight.

Or At the request of a tourist (discussed before traveling with a tourist) to spend the night in a tent camp!


Day 5


Transfer to Kaindy Lake (Sunken forest)

Leave the SUV in the Parking at the entrance to the Natural Park.

Hiking to the lake

* POSSIBLE horseback riding

The trek is not difficult - even a beginner can easily cope! Trek through forests and meadows.

Trek distance from 6 km to 12 km. (Distance can be discussed)

Explore the Lake.

Distance 15 km on the way 1 hour (off-road way)

Walking tour 1-1,5 hours

Lunch on the beach with a beautiful view

Departure to the Almaty City.

The tour program is flexible, we can fill the tour according to your expectations.

looking forward to meeting you on this amazing tour!

With pleasure will answer all your questions :)

Budget Economy Package:

Total Price: 970$


SUV (max. 4 person) + Fuel + experienced English-speaking guide

Tour cost for FUll Package:

The cost depends on the number of person
1 for single travel person 1350$

2 person in group 685$/per person       for All group 1370$  
3 person in group 526.6$/per person    for All group 1580$  

4 person in group 447.5 $/per person   for All group 1790$  

5 person in group 396 $/per person       for All group 1980$  


Jeep +fuel+ experienced English-speaking guide + full board meals + entrance tickets to parks +  overnight in a tent (all equipment included) +One night at the Hotel + Two Nights at the Guest House

not included:

*horseback riding

additional payment

Our Team are always happy to help you make the right, exciting tour, will give you recommendations about routes and the best locations.
This can be an individual trip, expeditionary tour, photo tour, group trip with friends.
Fill your tour scenario with various activity, such as:

 * Horseback riding
 * Rafting
 * Bike ride
 * Archery
 * National Hunting
 * Fishing
 * Balloon flight

 * Helicopter Tour
 * Moto Buggy

that in the end will make your tour fascinating and unforgettable!

We are always happy to share with you our experience gained on our multiple trips.

Dear Guests, if you did not find the information on the website, do not be shy to ask about trips in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Definitely We will reply you!

You are always Welcome!

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