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Private Day Tour from Almaty

Kapchagay-industrial Сity / Tamgaly Tas

(Duration 10-12hr)

Private Tour from Almaty is ideal for exploring the sights of the Almaty region.
A ten-hour exciting excursion with a professional English-speaking guide will make your stop in Almaty very safe, comfortable and unforgettable ...

SEASON:  Whole year round

Industrial part of Kapchagay (Buildings from the Soviet era)

Decoration of the gates of East Turkestan

Rock carvings of Buddha / Tamgaly Tas

Kapchagay reservoir

Delta "ILI" river

Total Mileage per tour: 260km


Kapchagay is the largest reservoir in Kazakhstan and is the is located 89 km Northeast from Almaty. The reservoir is about 100 km long and 22 km wide at its widest point and it was formed by damming the Ile River (or ili river) in the late 1960s to produce hydroelectric power and more water for irrigation in the otherwise arid but fertile region. But the construction of the dam has shown some harmful effects to Lake Balkhash by weakening the flow of water from the Ile River. Nevetheless Kapchagai lake has warm water and sandy beaches and has become a popular summer weekend destination for Almaty residents who want to escape from the big city heat.

Kapchagay Town

Soviet Kapchagai developed rapidly. ... In the mid-eighties, it was planned to build a small car plant in Kapchagai. The construction of a large plant "Robot" was started, which was supposed to produce high-precision equipment. But with the collapse of the USSR, work on "startups" was suspended due to the cessation of funding.

On the left bank of the Ili River is located the city of Nomads.In 2004, the city was built for the film "The Nomad", which had a triumphal success in the cinema of Kazakhstan. Hollywood stars were the leaders in this film.Fortress Nomads located in a beautiful place.Each guest will be interested to feel the atmosphere of those times many hundreds of years ago and to get amazing Shots.

Tamgaly-Tas - a monument of Buddhism and Dzungarian writing in Kazakhstan.
The Tamgaly-Tas tract, which means “Stones with signs,” is located in Kazakhstan, on the right bank of the Ili River.
This picturesque place not for nothing attracts many tourists! After all, it was here, on the rocks, that incredibly beautiful images of Buddha and Burkhanov (Bodhisattvas) were found. The cave paintings are accompanied by exquisite Tibetan inscriptions. The unique style of the image is achieved through a thin Stone carving technique and elegant contour lines. The drawings are dated XIV - XVI centuries.
Only 18 rocks with signs, including three images of Buddha on one rock and two - on the other. Collectively, the images in the Tamgaly-Tas gorge represent the Buddhist sanctuary under the open sky.


Kapchagay reservoir


Mileage per day: 260 km

07:30 Departure from your hotel / hostel / airport

08:30 Arrival in the city of Kapchagay

9:00 Sightseeing tour of an industrial, abandoned zone

10:30 Departure to Tamgaly Tas on the bank of the ILI river delta (rock carvings)

12:00 Arrival to Tamgaly Tas / excursion / walk

13:00 Picnic by the river

14:00 Departure to the Decation Ancient Turkestan for the film "Nomad"

15:00 Museum of Retro Cars made in USSR

17:00 Arrival to the scenery of the ancient city /Photographing

Sunset is the best time for great shots

19:00 Arrival in Almaty.



Travel Taxi option: Suv (max. 5pax): 200 USD 

Including: SUV-driver-fuel.


  • •     1 Traveler -   220 USD
    •     2 Travelers - 120 USD/per person
    •     3 Travelers - 100 USD/per person
    •     4 Travelers - 85 USD/per person
    •     5 Travelers - 75 USD/per person


Included: SUV + fuel + experienced English speaking guide + Picnic+ tickets to the National Parks + bottled water per person


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