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Private Layover Tour from Almaty

(Duration 8-10hr)

Private Layover Tour from Almaty is ideal  to explore  the culture and ethnic diversity of the Kazakh people.
A ten-hour fascinating tour with a professional English-speaking guide makes you stop in Almaty very safe comfortable and unstress ...

SEASON:  Whole year round

Turgen Gorge

"Bear" waterfall

Alpine pasture - Assy Plateau

Ancient Mounds of the Golden Man

Total Mileage per tour: 185km


Upon your request, an English speaking guide will pick you up from the airport, the tour will be very informative and productive ...

​An extremely beautiful place in Kazakhstan is a high-mountainous pasture - Assy Plateau with sheep and horses. A good choice to feel the atmosphere of a nomad with all its flavor and spirit of Kazakh culture ... photo stops at Bazaars, villages, you will see the real Kazakhstan through the eyes of a local resident.

This is an unforgettable daytime adventure with a professional guide by a comfortable SUV. Exciting and exclusive sightseeing destinations. During the tour, you will see untouched nature (unique area) without crowds and people, which makes your tour an exclusive one. Mountain rivers, coniferous forests, clean air, delicious national cuisine, lunch in a real Kazakh shepherd's Yurt makes your tour special!


In a short 10 hour tour, you will learn many useful and honest historical facts about the region. Ancient burial mounds of the Issyk valley of the 4th-5th centuries. BC. and the place where the Saka warrior was found, dressed in armor, golden clothes and accessories of life, also part of our route to visit the museum.


ozero-issyk-asian Bakery


Mileage per day: 125 km / Total 250km

08:00 Departure from your hotel / hostel / airport

09:00 Stop at an Asian bakery. Excursion

10:00 Arrival in the National Park, Turgen gorge

10:30 hike to the "Bear" waterfall / Tea / coffee with cookies and local Brand chocolate.

13:00 Assy Plateau - high-altitude pasture, height above sea level 2700 m

14:20 Lunch/ PICNIC at the worthy Kazakh Yurt

15:00 Photospot - Panoramic panorama at the Observatory

16:00 Valley / pasture / sheep / horses learn the life of a nomad shepherd We will have time to take amazing photos

19:00 Arrival in Almaty.



Travel Taxi option: Suv (max. 5pax): 250 USD 

Including: SUV-driver-fuel.


  • •     1 Traveler -   270 USD
    •     2 Travelers - 170 USD/per person
    •     3 Travelers - 125 USD/per person
    •     4 Travelers - 100 USD/per person


  • ncluded: SUV + fuel + experienced English speaking guide + delicious picnic+ tickets to the National Parks + bottled water per person


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