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Description of the author's program of the horse riding tour

The riding complex is located in the mountains of Zayliy Alatau, 30 km from the city, surrounded by apple orchards, aspen and birch groves, in mountainous areas, from which numerous small rivers and small rivers originate, which definitely makes a horse ride an exciting duration of one hour, up to fifteen kilometers, and more than two hours, taking into account stops, halts.
All routes of different categories of complexity, designed for beginners and more experienced riders.

For beginners, we offer easy and short walks, and a feature of these walks is the possibility of participation of all family members. You can walk in steps, trot along the paths, sitting on a calm horse, see the beauty of the protected areas of Ile Alatau National Park, stop in the garden and inhale the scent of blooming apple trees!

Arrange a small picnic, dismounted on the banks of the local river, and even try koumiss, the milk of local mares grazing in the meadows, rich in herbs that will refresh you so nicely on a hot summer day.

​Routes on fast gaits over rough terrain, where there are descents and ascents, water obstacles are ideal for riders with riding experience. The most difficult, but no less fascinating routes, where the surrounding places are striking in their untouched and wild paths can reach unprecedented heights and feel the freedom comparable to the wind on the pass.

​Rendering will take place on a competitive field or a special platform for beginners. Experienced instructors will gladly teach you how to confidently steer a horse, to control a horse and to apply controls correctly. They also explain the rules of behavior when riding a horse and handling it.

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