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 "In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors"

(Duration 8 days)


In this fascinating trip you will visit one of the largest Natural reserve in Kazakhstan – Altyn Emel National Park, Ancient Canyons, Beautiful Lakes and mountains with snowy peaks.

The landscape diversity of the Charyn canyon determines the diversity of flora and fauna. Here grows more than 1500 plant species, 17 of which are listed in the Red Data Book of Kazakhstan and 62 species of mammals, 103 species of breeding birds, 25

You will find yourself high in the mountains Pearl, which connects the mountain ranges of the Zailiysky Alatau and Kungey-Alatau, between these overgrown slopes of the Kolsay gorge are hidden these natural treasures - wonderful lakes. Each of them has its own unique charm. Each in its own way beautiful.


Tour Sights:

- Big Almaty Lake

- Tien Shan Observatory
- Alpine skating rink Medeo + Ski Resort Shymbulak

- Lake "Bartogay"
- National Park Turgen. Turgen gorge, waterfalls.
- Plateau Assy: Petroglyphs 5000 years BC

- Red Mountains

- Singing sand Dunes,

- Cretaceous Aktau mountains (White mountains )

- Kutu Tau volcanic mountains,

- Dragon mountains near the Chinese border

- Zharkent  Town (Close to the border of China)

- An ancient mosque in Zharkent  Town

- Administrative center  Chunja Town

- Visiting the 4 Canyons (Exploring the Valley of the Canyons)

- Satty Village, Kolsai and Kaindy Lakes


Dear friends, this tour is very exciting, ideal for those who like to be stay surrounded by really Untouched nature, 
Who looking forward hiking and camping life and cook food on the fire ....For thouse who don't afraid an adventures  and new experience

This tour program includes different levels of difficulty of hiking routes, various activities
Different Accommodation Conditions throughout the tour:

Yurt- House of Nomads, guest house, Mini Hotel, tent.
Almaty Region is rich in beautiful natural sights. In this introductory tour, you will visit several different climatic zones with various stunning landscapes. Visit the Lakes, rivers, mountains with coniferous forests, steppes, semi-deserts.

Explore the Canyons! You will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of our Land.

Everyone will find something for themselves:

  • Hiking

  • Horse riding

  • Overnights the  in a tents

  • Cook food at the stake

  • Sing your favorite songs on the guitar

  • Adventure roads in SUV vehicles

  • Mountain biking trips and boating

  • Introducing nature cultural discoveries

  • Testing national food

Each guest will gain a new experience in this journey.

Tour program:


Day 1   Acquaintance with the city of Almaty,

The script may be different, How do you prefer?
Meeting at the
Airport / if the tour is on the day of arrival
The guide will pick you up from the Airport.
The guide will pick you up from the
Acquaintance with the city of Almaty,
Visit the high-mountain ski resort "
Skating rink "Medeo"
Walking on the panorama, in front of us opens a stunning view of the mountain tops of the Northern Tien Shan.
Visit the Big Almaty Lake - located in the mountains of Zayliy Alatau, 30 km from the City line at an altitude of 2500m above sea level. May-July the tops of the mountains still lay Snow.
Lunch with a beautiful view of the lake.
In the evening, go down the serpentine by jeep.
17:00 Arrival in
Falcon Nursery, which is located in N. The Park.
Visit the
Show - Hunting with Wild Birds (National hunting with wild birds such as the Eagle, Falcon, Grif, Owl). For children it will be especially interesting! The show lasts 35 minutes.
Departure to
Kok tobe Hill is a lookout mountain, from the top of the mountain we will meet Sunset with a beautiful view of the whole City. At the top of the mountain there is a cafe and restaurant. Dinner with a beautiful view.
21:00 Arrival at the Hotel

Day 2   

Departure from Almaty to the Altyn Emel Natural National Park .
The journey time is 3.5 hours. 260 km distance
Arrival in the Central Village
"Basshi" take a pass to the National Park.
Departure to the mountains of
Aktau (White Mountains - remind the lunar landscape, and the red mountains are the landscape of the Planet MARS). The journey time is 1 hour 30 minutes. Gravel road 75km.
*  The road will be Fascinating, various wild Animals will meet on the way:

Jeyran (Steppe Antelopes), Horges of Przhivalsky, Steppe Eagles.
Arrival. Walking short trek 1- 3 hour. Depending on the physical training of tourists.
A small picnic with a wonderful MARSIAN mountain view
Transfer to Aktau Lava Mountains.
A short walk through the low hills. 

a) Transfer to MINI HOTEL (cozy, comfortable rooms + toilet + shower in the room)
Dinner and overnight.

b) Overnight in a tent in Aktau White Mountains


Day 3

We will visit the Singing Dune - these are sandy Dunes, which are located between 2 mountain ranges, the Small and the Big Kalkan.
The height of the sand dune is
120 m. The length of the sand Dune is 3 km. It looks unusual, as the steppe is surrounded by sandy dunes with rocky rock.
The road from the guest house will take 1.2 hours. 50 km.

Wild Animals can be observed along the way, usually along the gravel road they are easy to meet.
Arrival  to the 
Walk 40 minutes to 2 hour. (Depends on weather conditions and physical preparation)
Departure to the
Zharkent City
Distance 140 km journey time 3 hours.
On the way we will make a stop at the "Dragon" mountains. Stunning location for a photo.
14:00 Arrival in the city of Zharkent. Visit the unique structure of past years.
Zharkent Mosque - 1895 built by the Chinese architect Huizu Hong Peak.
Lunch at a local cafe.
Moving to
Chundzhu village, 80km there we will make a short stop at the gas station, fill the tanks with fuel for our Jeep and go to the hot springs. The distance is 80 km.
18:00 Arrival.

Mineral Hot  springs are located 50 km from the border of China.
A unique place (Wellness Resort) In the open air there are various pools with different water temperatures. It will be especially great to swim in the pools under the open starry sky in the middle of the steppe.
On the territory of the Resort, Mini Hotel with comfortable rooms and cafes. (Very tasty food).
Overnight stay at the MINI HOTEL in the resort.


Day 4 

In the morning we will have a few more hours to swim in the pools.
10:00 Departure to
Charyn Park.
The distance is 160 km.
On this day, visit
2 Canyons and stay overnight in one of them.
12:00 Arrival in the
"Bestomak" Canyon in translation from the Kazakh language means 5 courses, descent to the canyon by Jeep.
Canyon Hiking 1-2 hours (easy hike)
I will cook for you a Barbeque by the river in the Canyon. Delicious lunch with a beautiful view of the Canyons
Moving to the
"Lunar" Canyon you will see the breathtaking panorama.
Transfer to Charyn Canyon. We will visit the most important survey points from the Canyon Tops. 17:00 Descent to the Canyon by Jeep.
Dinner, bonfire

а)Stay at NIGHT in the Canyon in the Yurt.
b)Stay at night in a tent


Day 5

9:00 Transfer to the village of Satty.

Kolsai Lakes Region (Climate zone - Mountains, altitude 1800m)
On the way we will visit the Panorama of the
Black Canyon.
11:30 Arrival at the Satty Village. Accommodation in a cozy, comfortable guest house.
12:30 Lunch at the guest house.
Departure to
Kaindy Lake (Sunken Coniferous Forest)

Arrival on the Lake (organize a horse tour to the lake, distance 3-6 km. In advance)Walk around the lake. Take great pictures.13:00 Lunch at the guest house.
***** VIP accommodation can be arranged. The cottage is located on the mountain above the Lake (photo in the letter) Cost from $ 150 4-bed room. Package tour price is not included.
18:30 Arrival at the guest house.
Dinner. In the evening you can organize a fire in the open air.

Day 6


Moving to Kolsai Lake # 1

Hiking trip to Kolsai Lake № 2 or Middle Kolsai Lake

Distance 8 km one wa yThe total tracking distance is 16 km.

Of course the track it self is very exciting!on the way of breathtaking views of wild nature!

Arrival at Kolsai Lake # 2

Time for rest and a snack. The total time is 1.5 hours.


Arrival at the guest house

Sauna or shower

Dinner. Night in the guest house

Day 7


Departure to Bartogai Lake

10:00 am Arrival time 10:30 Coffee break

Departure to Assy Plateau

mountain road, beautiful views.
Making stops for photographing

Drive over the mountain road 30 km up the Gorge to Jailau Plateau of Assy.

Overnight in the tent at the Red Mountains

Day 8


Departure to visit  Real Nomads.

The guide will  introduce  you with the nomadic life, you can ride a horse, drink Milk (Horse Milk), Eat the National dish of horse meat.

Departure to see Petroglyphs 5000 years BC

unique place you can touch the history of ancestors

Departure to the Observatory. Beautiful view of the panorama of the mountains. Lunch.

(Altitude 2750m) and of course they will not leave indifferent to take some great pictures.

Moving to Turgen Gorge

Visit the Bear waterFalls. Trekking 40 minutes
Tasty dinner in a local cafe
18:00 Arrival in Almaty

The tour program is flexible, we can fill the tour according to your expectations.

looking forward to meeting you on this amazing tour!

With pleasure will answer all your questions :)

Budget Economy Package:

Total Price: 1800$


SUV  (max. 4 person) + Fuel + experienced English-speaking guide

Tour cost for FUll Package:

The cost depends on the number of person
2 person in group
1520$/per person  for All group 3040$  

3 person in group 1150$/per person  for All group 3450$  

4 person in group  1000$/per person for All group 4000$  


Jeep +fuel+ experienced English-speaking guide + full board meals + entrance tickets to parks+

horseback riding + overnight in a tent (all equipment included) + accommodation in guest houses

not included:

additional payment

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