What Attractions can be visited in Kazakhstan?
Extremely beautiful place in Kazakhstan is Issyk Lake. Organize a tour to Issyk Lake it is good choice.

Day Tour to Issyk Lake

(Duration of tour 10-12 hours)


Locals called Lake "Dzhasyl-Kul", which translates as "Green lake." The name “Issyk” is a distorted Kazakh word Esik, which means “door”. By the way, the town, which is located below the lake, has a name just Esik.

According to geologists, the Lake was formed 8 thousand years ago as a result of a powerful collapse of the mountain avalanche, which subsequently created a natural dam with a height of 300 meters.

Lake Issyk is located at an altitude of 1750 m, in the gorge of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains

In 1939, the lake began to actively develop itself: an asphalt road, a tourist base, and a bus station were quickly built. Tens of thousands of Almaty residents and guests of the city came here all year round to relax in nature.

In 1963 a mighty mudslide hit the Lake, descending from the mountains
and destroyed the lake, that day killed more than 1,000 people. As a result of this cataclysm Lake Issyk, It became less at times.

But already in the early 1990s, the construction of a new dam and other hydraulic structures was completed. And nowadays, the lake has been restored to 3/4 of the original volume!
Nature is also beautiful, breathtaking.

For lovers of history, this place is also interesting:

You will visit the Issyk Valley mounds IV-V centuries. BC. and the place where the Saka warrior was found, dressed in armor and gold clothes, and accessories of  life.


We will drive along one of the very important and old roads of our region.
Kuldzhinsky Tract in 1870 a country road was opened in the direction from the town of Verny - Shelek-Chundzha - Zharkent.
That direction of the road was called Kuldzhinsky tract. Kuldzhinsky tract belonged to the category of main roads on which the trade caravans and wagons passed.

You will visit the city of Issyk Town, which was founded in 1854.
In this city preserved houses, buildings, structures built during the time of the
Soviet Union.
This Tour will present a lot of the Present, the Historical, and allow us to explore this region.
We will visit the Old Church, stop at the Mosque.
You will see how much contrast our land, different religions and architectural structures.

Visit the Golden Man Museum and the ancients Kurkan Valley.

Tour program:

7:30 Guide will pick you up from the Hotel / Apartment / Hostel

Will be fascinating away, along the way you can stop at the Asian bakery, buy fresh hot Asian Bread.
The guide will introduce you to the process of making Asian Bread.

9:30 Arrival to the Museum of the "Golden Man", the guide will hold a small tour
40 minutes you will be in the Museum.

10:30 Visit the Local Bazaar and walk to the Mosque.
12:00 Arrival at Issyk Lake
Hiking around the lake. The distance of the trip is 3-4 km.
14:00 Lunch with a beautiful view of the Lake.
The guide will prepare for you tea coffee.
16:00 Descent along the Serpentine, visit the Church.
17:00 Departure to Almaty city
19:00 Arrival.

The tour program is flexible, because, first of all it is an individual tour, we can change the program depending on the weather conditions.

Looking forward to meeting you on this amazing tour!

With pleasure will answer all your questions :)



Price per car: 160 USD (1-5 persons)

   Included: jeep+petrol+guide+coffee &     Tea

The Total Cost full package:

  • Price per  group 1 person  175 USD 

  • Price per  group 2 people   185 USD 

  • Price per  group 3 people   200 USD 

  • Price per  group 4 person   220 USD 

  • Price per  group 5 person   235 USD 


Included Full package: Jeep + fuel + experienced English-speaking guide +  meals + entrance tickets to parks.

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