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Day Tour Issyk Lake & Mounds of the Golden Man

(Duration 10-12hr)

This tour is perfect for hanging out if you have able a 10-12 hours layover  in Almaty transferring from a flight to international flight or have able a free day (Stopover Holidays) to visit the most beautiful place near Almaty....

SEASON:  Whole year round

You do not need to worry about planning, just tell the guide where to pick you up and where you will be check in upon arrival from the tour, it can be an airport / hotel / apartment / any place in Almaty city.

Issyk Lake

Turgen Gorge

"Bear" waterfall

Ancient Mounds of the Golden Man

Total Mileage per tour: 168km


Extremely beautiful place in Kazakhstan is Issyk Lake. Good choice to go there...

This is an unforgettable Daytime Adventure, accompanied by a professional guide with a comfortable SUV. A breathtaking and exclusive excursion destinations. During the tour you will see untouched nature (unique area) without crowds and people, which makes your tour special.

Dear friends, visit the Author's, private tour with a professional guide. If you have stayed in Almaty city for a short time and are looking for a short but stunning tour with notes of exclusivity, you are here!

Locals called Lake "Dzhasyl-Kul", which translates as "Green lake." The name “Issyk” is a distorted Kazakh word Esik, which means “door”. By the way, the town, which is located below the lake, has a name just Esik.

According to geologists, the Lake was formed 8 thousand years ago as a result of a powerful collapse of the mountain avalanche, which subsequently created a natural dam with a height of 300 meters.

Lake Issyk is located at an altitude of 1750 m, in the gorge of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains.

In 1939, the lake began to actively develop itself: an asphalt road, a tourist base, and a bus station were quickly built. Tens of thousands of Almaty residents and guests of the city came here all year round to relax in nature.

In 1963 a mighty mudslide hit the Lake, descending from the mountains
and destroyed the lake, that day killed more than 1,000 people. As a result of this cataclysm Lake Issyk, It became less at times.

But already in the early 1990s, the construction of a new dam and other hydraulic structures was completed. And nowadays, the lake has been restored to 3/4 of the original volume!
Nature is also beautiful, breathtaking.

You will visit the Issyk Valley mounds IV-V centuries. BC. and the place where the Saka warrior was found, dressed in armor and gold clothes, and accessories of  life.


Dear friends, we look forward to seeing you in great tour :)


ozero-issyk-asian Bakery


Mileage per day: 120 km

08:30 Departure from your hotel / hostel / airport

09:00 Stop at an Asian bakery. Excursion

10:00 Arrival in the National Park, walk to Lake Issyk

11:30 Tea / coffee

13:00 Walk to the "Bear" waterfall in Turgen Gorge

14:30 Trout fishing and lunch with beautiful mountain views

15:30 Walk to the city of Issyk / bazaar and the central part of the city

17:00 Stop at the Winemaker's / Wine and Cheese tasting.

19:00 Arrival in Almaty



Travel Taxi option: Suv (max. 5pax): 250 USD 

Including: SUV-driver-fuel.


  • •     1 Traveler -   270 USD
    •     2 Travelers - 150 USD/per person
    •     3 Travelers - 110 USD/per person
    •     4 Travelers - 90 USD/per person



Included: SUV + fuel + experienced English speaking guide + food+ tickets to the National Parks + bottled water per person+lunch


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