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Tour to Charyn Canyon - Kolsai Lake - Kaindy Lake

with guest from Belgium

Tour was in Summer 2017, July 13

Tour Locations:

Charyn Canyon, Canyon "Bestamak", Lake Kolsai,  Lake Kolsai, Lake Kaindy, Black Canyon.


This Author's 3 Days Tour of Almaty region was organized for my Guests from Belgium.

Tour Locations: Charyn Canyon, Kolsai Lake, Kaindy Lake, Black Canyon, Yellow Canyon (Bestomak). Accommodation in a guest house in the village of Satty. Overnight in a campground in the Canyon. Organized meals, accommodation for the whole tour.

Trip around Almaty

Trip around Almaty

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Day 1

I waited for this wonderful trip, pick up my guests at the airport and we went to our fascinating tour!
On the first day of our tour, we visited the
Canyon Charyn after we moved to another Canyon. Its name is "Bestomak" means 5 dishes. The territory of the Canyon is large and has 5 gorges.
On the way we stopped in the village of Baiseit, at a local market and bought fruit. Local sellers are very friendly and they have bright dresses.
Arrived on the Canyon, on the border paid entrance fees. Jeep was left in the parking lot and set out on a hike
There was an excursion for 2 hours and we passed along the bottom of the Canyon - 3,5 km. It was incredibly beautiful!
At the end of the Canyon, was a fast river, the water in the river is cold, were glad to have a little rest after a walk and were cooled by the river.
We looked at the Yurt house, which is located in the Eco Park Charyn. Unique construction - Kazakh yurt is easily assembled and disassembled. It keeps heat well, protects from wind, and in summer from heat.
For my guests, I made coffee and organized Lunch from local products with fresh fruit.
After lunch we went to the
Bestosmak Canyon,
This #Canyon is very large and wild, it is visited by a small number of tourists, and it's great!
We arrived in the Canyon, organized a camp and cooked a delicious dinner.

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 Day 2

After breakfast we went to explore other Canyons in the area of the Charyn Canyon. Our first stop was Black Canyon. It is with him that Charyn Canyon begins
The canyon up to 300m in depth consists of a black rock. At the bottom of the canyon is a fast river.

The day was fascinating! We often stopped, photographed.

The weather during the day was different. In the morning in Bestomak Canyon or even as it is called by the local herdsmans "Yellow Canyon" it was hot, about +30 degrees Celsius.

The Charyn River is one of the largest in the Almaty region. Its length is 427 km. Charyn takes his beginning in the highlands of the Ketmen ridge. In the upper reaches the river is called Shalkudylsu, on the average - Kegen. And only after the Moinak HPP the Charyn flows directly.

We left this region - a zone of desert and steppes
and went to a mountainous area, where coniferous forests grow and there are spills of rivers and beautiful Lakes.

In the mountainous region the air temperature was lower than in the steppe zone
It was +18 degrees Celsius.
It was raining, but it did not upset us, we enjoyed the beauty of the Tien Shan mountains.

During the day, we saw an incredible landscape and stopped in the village of Satty.
We settled in a comfortable guest house No. 1 "Temirkhan", a local family prepared tasty hot food for us. It was a perfect ending of the day ....

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Day 3

Morning breakfast, also was very delicious! Fresh Fried National Bread "Baursaki" jam, Porridge with Milk, A Real Breakfast of the Princely!
We got up early in the morning to catch 2 Lakes.
Kolsai Lake and Kaindy Lake. After breakfast we went to visit Lake Kolsai.Kolsai lakes (Kulsay) are a system of three lakes in the northern Tien Shan, in the Kolsai gorge, in a bridge connecting the Kungei-Alatau and Zailiisky Alatau ridges. The lakes are located in the territory of Raiymbek district of Almaty region of Kazakhstan and are at an altitude of 1000 m, 2500 m, 2700 m above sea level.
Lakes are called "the pearl of the Northern Tien Shan". The lakes of the Tien-Shan Spruce are surrounded by lakes. The depth of the lakes reaches 50 m. Among the fauna - rainbow trout

After breakfast we went to Kolsai Lake, gravel road of poor quality, Stopped at Eco Post, paid entrance fees ($ 3 per person) 10:00 We were at Lake Kolsai.
The lake is really amazing with its scale and beauty.

Photo history

The lake surprises with its size, the length is 1000 meters. We went hiking on the lake.
After lunch, we visited another
Kaindy Lake (Sunken Forest) is located in the next gorge.
The road is fascinating, they crossed the river 2 times, in places a narrow and  bumping road. We had a powerful car and it was even very interesting to experience the properties of a jeep!

Kaindy lake is not big, but it is impressive with its beauty.
This place connects me with my favorite business, I have been working as a guide for 8 years already and I often visit Kaindy Lake.
I want to tell you: this is a place where you want to stay longer and do not want to leave it! Very Peaceful Place.
But we have to move on.
After a delicious lunch, we went to Almaty city.
It was a very exciting tour!

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