Day Tour to

Tamgaly Tas and The City of Nomads

(Duration of tour 10-12 hours)

December-January (the whole all year!)

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Tamgaly-Tas - a monument of Buddhism and Dzungarian writing in Kazakhstan.
The Tamgaly-Tas tract, which means “Stones with signs,” is located in Kazakhstan, on the right bank of the Ili River.
This picturesque place not for nothing attracts many tourists! After all, it was here, on the rocks, that incredibly beautiful images of Buddha and Burkhanov (Bodhisattvas) were found. The cave paintings are accompanied by exquisite Tibetan inscriptions. The unique style of the image is achieved through a thin Stone carving technique and elegant contour lines. The drawings are dated
XIV - XVI centuries.
Only 18 rocks with signs, including three images of Buddha on one rock and two - on the other. Collectively, the images in the
Tamgaly-Tas gorge represent the Buddhist sanctuary under the open sky.

The legend about the origin of Buddhist cave paintings, when a caravan ran along the tract on the outskirts of the river, at this moment there was a strong earthquake. Huge Stones from incredibly high sheer cliffs began to roll straight into the water and form a kind of crossing over the river. The pages perceived this as a blessing and help from the gods. In this place you can see the traces left by this earthquake, and the very crossing over the river, created by nature itself.

On the Central cliff of Tamgaly-Tas, there is an image of Bodhisattva Arya Avalokiteshvara, to whom one of the most famous Buddhist mantras “Om Mani Padme Hum” is dedicated. Near it there is an inscription, meaning in translation: “I bow to the holy Avalokiteshvara”. To his right, at a height of four meters, is the Buddha Shakyamuni, and next to him is another inscription: “I bow to "Buddha Shakyamuni”. And on the left, carved image of Burkhan Mangla - deities of healing.

The Tamgaly-Tas complex is an outstanding monument of art, history and culture in Kazakhstan. A visit to this gorge guarantees an unforgettable impression of the surrounding nature and energy of this ancient sacred place.


On the left bank of the Ili River is located the city of Nomads.
In 2004, the city was created for the film "The Nomad", which had a triumphal success in the cinema of Kazakhstan. Hollywood stars were the leaders in this film.
Nomads located in a beautiful place.
Each guest will be interested to feel the atmosphere of those times many hundreds of years ago and to get amazing Shots.



Tour program:

Duration: 9-12 hours

Jeep Tour Kilometers: 230 km

Travel time in one direction / total: 2 hours / 4 hours

7:30AM Departure from the hotel, on the way we can stop at the supermarket or local market, buy food for the lunch break, you will be interested to try a really local traditional food!

On our way, Guide will tell the history of our country, the city of Almaty.

9:30AM Arrival at the Tamgaly cliffs

A short coffee break, photographing.

Walking tour and excursion, I will tell you about this place a lot of interesting things.

13:00 Lunch

14: 00 Transfer to the Nomad City on the Left Bank

15:00 Arrival
City Tour - Fortress.
Let's make amazing photos.
You will have free time to enjoy the beautiful views and expanses of the steppe ....

16:30 Departure to the city.

18:00 Visit to the Kazakh Art Center

19:00 Arrival at the hotel.


The tour program is flexible, depending on the weather conditions.

Looking forward to meeting you on this amazing tour!

With pleasure will answer all your questions :)

Price Economy Package:

Total Price: 145$


Jeep + experienced English-speaking guide + driver

Total cost of full package:

The cost depends on the number of people:

  • Price per  group      1 person  160 USD 

  • Price per  group of 2 people   185 USD 

  • Price per  group of 3 people   200 USD 

  • Price per  group of 4 person   215 USD 

  • Price per  group of 5 person   230 USD 


Jeep + fuel + experienced English-speaking Guide-driver + lunch + entrance tickets to Parks + visit ART Centre

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