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Достопримечательность, которая так мало исследована, и потому остается одной из самых загадочных на территории Узбекистана, это плато под названием Устюрт. Можно также встретить и другое название — остров. Становится понятно, почему его так называют, как только взору предстает это удивительно масштабное зрелище. Огромные каменные стены, высотой около 300 метров, возвышаются над песчаной пустыней. Скалы представляют собой сплошной отвес, чтобы забраться на вершину необходимо найти подходящее место, а это не так легко. Подходящих мест для этого всего пару на несколько сотен километров.

Стоит признать, что вид на взмывающую каменную стену может вызвать чувство восторженного ужаса. Цветовая гамма камня поразительна — от белоснежно белого до оттенка розового и голубого.

December-January (the whole year!)


The tour is very exciting!

Almaty is located at the foot of the Trans-Ili Alatau - incredibly beautiful snow-capped mountains, which are a kind of "calling card" of the southern capital. At the same time, the city itself is buried in numerous green spaces. This creates such a powerful contrast that there is no limit to the truly immense admiration of visiting tourists. Alma-Ata has everything you need for a good rest and entertainment: modern supermarkets, night disco clubs, fabulous restaurants and, of course, world-famous ski resorts.

You will visit the most popular sights of Almaty such as:

   * Green Bazaar

For over 100 years it has been one of the most important shopping centers in the City.

The famous Almaty aport was in great demand in the bazaar. Apples were sold in baskets.

Bazaar - a popular place among tourists. You can taste a variety of homemade foods, such as sausage, cheese, salads, jams, and nuts.

   * Ascension Cathedral
You can visit the church service in Voznesensky Cathedral, which was built in 1907.

   * Memorial of Glory -
erected in honor of those killed in fierce battles during World War II.

   * Central mosque of Alma-Ata

Independence Monument of Kazakhstan, located on the main square of Almaty city.

   * Park named after 28 Panfilov Guardsmen
Park named after the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

    * Central State Museum
- here you can get acquainted with the historical culture of Kazakhstan - the museum’s exposition numbers about two thousand different cultural monuments, including the main archaeological value of the state is a copy of the Golden Man.

   * Qazaq-Oner craft center,

here you can buy Stylish designer accessories and textiles, Souvenirs from the Kazakhstan brand.

   * Panoramic Mount Kok Tobe Hill 

- Here you will admire the enchanting panoramic view of Almaty city.
Kok Tobe Park is located at an altitude of about 1,100 meters, and a cable car is provided. The point of departure is located in the square of the Palace of the Republic.
The Almaty TV Tower is located on the top of the mountain, as well as small shops selling local souvenirs, pubs, a zoo and various attractions.

   * "Medeo" skating rink

- The world's largest high-mountain skating rink, which is located at a dizzying height - 1700 meters.

   * "Shymbulak" - ski resort at any time of the year you can visit.
In the winter season, skiing and boarding, in the summer season, go hiking.
The resort is located 40 minutes from the city at an altitude of 2500m. It is also possible to stay in a comfortable shale house

   * Underground subway
opened in 2011 on December 1, currently 9 stations
Visit several metro stations

Tour program:

The guide will pick you up from the hotel / hostel / apartment
08:30 Departure To Central Park 28 Panfilov Guard, Park more than 150 years.
Visit to the Park, Cathedral

Memorial of Glory
10:00 Visiting the Green Bazaar, Arbat Street
11:00 Departure Medeo Skating rink, located in the mountains
11:40 Arrival at the high-rise Medeo-rink.
Walk around this area.
Visiting the ski resort
Lunch with a beautiful view at an altitude of 3200m
above sea level.
15:00 Arrival at the
Central Museum. Excursion.
16:00 Visit the
Central Square of the City. Independence Memorial
17:00 Arrival at the
Kazakh Handicraft Center
19:00 Visit Kok Tobe Hill, especially at sunset!
20:30 arrival at the hotel

looking forward to meeting you on this amazing tour!

With pleasure will answer all your questions :)


Tour cost:

The Total cost depends on the number of people:

Price per person 92.5$  for All group of 2 pax 185$

Price per person 71.6$  for All group of 3 pax 215$

Price per person 61,2$  for All group of 4 pax 245$

Price per person  55$    for All group of 5 pax 275$


Jeep or Minivan + experienced English-speaking Guide +Lunch  + All Cable car + entrance tickets to parks and museum.

additional payment

personal expenses

SEASON:  Whole year round


This is an unforgettable Two-Days adventure accompanied by a Professional Guide, who of course will provide you with Breathtaking Exclusive Locations throughout the tour.
You will get a truly Individual exciting trip, without any stress or strain.

Kolsai Lakes National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan and a ‘must see’ destination. Kolsai Lakes are the chain of 3 alpine mountain lakes that are considered to be a pearl of Northern Tien-Shan. The lakes are located between altitudes of 1700-2650 meters above the sea level.

The Charyn Canyon is one of the unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan. The Canyon is about 12 million years old and surprises with its vertical cliffs, calling to mind ancient castles created by wind, sun and rain.

Our goal on this tour is to acquaint the Guest with the surroundings our region and dive into the atmosphere of the Wildlife, show off as many breathtaking landscapes as possible, This is much more than a sightseeing tour.

Tour Locations:
Charyn Canyon (Valley of Castles)

Black Canyon
Saty Village
Lake Kolsai
Lake Kaindy (Sunken forest)

Total Mileage all the tour on the car:



This tour can be done all year round!

And turn every season beautifully in its own way!
Enjoy a 2-day trip - you will have a fascinating, memorable tour to the largest National Nature Park Kolsai Lakes, in the company of an English-speaking professional and experienced Guide.
Take a look at the mysterious Kaindy Lake.
Submerged forest under water
On this amazing trip you will have the opportunity to ride horses, go camping, go boating, live in a tent, spend the night in the
original Yurt, which was used by Nomads many hundreds of years ago!
Cooking on a campfire, singing your favorite guitar songs by the fire!

Winter is a special, fabulous and best time to enjoy a beautiful view of nature!

Program tour:

Day 1 

Recommended tour start time
In the morning, the Guide will pick you up from the
Hotel / Hostel / Apartment.
Go visit Charyn Canyon.
The first half of the way will be a Highway 130km long, then change direction. Road Quality - Normal asphalt.
Total mileage to the canyon
200km or 3.5 hours.
On your way there will be stunning landscapes with their immensity and beauty!
The road will be interesting. You will make a short stop at the local bazaar,
village "Baiseit" to buy fresh vegetables and fruits from farmers.
Of course, it will be possible to make a short stop for 30 minutes for
Coffee Break,
with a beautiful view of the rocky mountains of the pass "Kokpek"
11:00 Arrival at Charyn Canyon
First of all you explore the Canyon from the Top
Our guide will provide you with the most
breathtaking spots from the top of the Canyon.
A walk along the Canyon will take 1-1.5 hours depending on the client's request.
Going down to the Canyon, walking along the bottom of the Canyon is just as exciting!

Distance 3.5 km or 1 hour
Lunch on the bank of the Charyn River. Time for lunch 1 hour.
Return to the car and go to the village of Satty
The road takes 2-2.5 hours (distance 120 km).

Change of climatic zone, leave the steppe, semi-desert and drive to a mountainous area with an altitude of 1500-1800m
Of course, there will be
beautiful landscapes on your way!
You will want to stop every 100 meters, because all 360 ​​is incredibly beautiful nature around!
17:30, 18:00 
Arrival in the
Village of Satty
Stop at a guest house with a local family.
(Here you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of local Village life.)
Lifestyle of a local Kazakh family. Get to know the traditions and try the traditional, national food! It is very interesting! Believe me!)

Dinner in a guest house in a local Kazakh family and overnight.

Day 2

Breakfast at 7:00 in the Guest house
Transfer to the Lake Kolsay, the distance is 15 km
time in 40 minutes
Walking tour around Kolsai Lakes.
Lake length 1 km, width 200 m
You will see the most beautiful landscapes, the game of colors and contrasts.
Enjoy the murmur of a mountain river.
The guide will provide the most exclusive viewpoint on the Lake.
And of course make you
hot coffee / Tea / chocolate
You'll really enjoy the views of wildlife.
General Time to visit the Lake will take 1-2 depending on the wishes of the customer.
Moving to
Kaindy Lake.
The road will be less comfortable, in the bumps ... In any case, it does not hurt to admire the beauty of the mountains.
The mileage to
Kaindy Lake is 15 km.
11:30 Arrival at Kaindy Lake.
Leave the Jeep in the Parking
Hiking around the Lake.
The guide will provide the most incredibly beautiful spots for a photo.
You will visit
Kaindy Lake.
Transfer to the guest house in Satty Village.
Moving to Almaty City
The road will take 4.5 hours - the distance to Almaty is 330 km.
Arrival in Almaty 20:00
The time range of the tour program may very strongly depend on different conditions (weather, season)


The program can be changed or supplemented according to your desire!

We are looking forward to meeting you on this amazing tour!

With pleasure our Team will answer all your questions :)



Price per car: 450 USD (1-3 persons)

   Included: jeep+petrol+guide+coffee         & Tea

The Total Cost:

  • Price per  group of 1 pax  520 USD 

  • Price per  group of 2 pax   560 USD 

  • Price per  group of 3 pax   590 USD 

  • Price per  group of 4 pax   630 USD 

  • Price per  group of 5 pax   670 USD 


Included: Jeep + fuel + experienced English-speaking guide + driver + accommodation in guest house + meals + entrance tickets to parks.

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