6 Days- Active Tour acros Zhetysu

Visit 9 amazing attractions in 1 tour!

What Beautiest Attractions can be visited in Almaty?
What expect from outdoor activity?
Of sure, You should visit Almaty Region - one of the Extremely beautiful region in Kazakhstan.


In the National Park Ile-Alatau there is a beautiful corner of nature - the Turgen gorge. The distance is 90 km. from Almaty. In the gorge goes into the depths of 44 km. up to a huge Plateau of Assy (2750 m.).
High in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau, the Turgen River originates. It carries its stormy waters between the majestic mountains of the Turgen gorge, and along its channel green Tien-Shan spruce trees, barberries, wild rose, wild raspberries and currants. Clean air and picturesque landscape made the Turgen gorge one of the most beautiful places of the Almaty region.

In ancient times, there were caravans from Europe to the east - to China and India. Turgen gorge is famous for waterfalls and relic Chin-Turgen moss spruce trees, growing on permafrost. coniferous and mixed forests, alpine and subalpine meadows, lakes and springs, medicinal plants and berries.
Plateau of Assy, known since ancient times as a summer pasture, originates from the Kishi-Turgen river. The plateau is located within the heights of 2800-3200 meters. Here, there are signs of a person more than 5000 years old, both nomadic and sedentary.

Charyn Natural Park includes many little-known Canyons in which more than 12 million years.
Charyn Canyon (Valley of Castles) The deepest and most popular Canyon. Of course, many compare it to the Grand Canyon, some species are similar.

Kaindy Lake (Sunken Forest)
Amazingly beautiful, mystical and mysterious place in Kazakhstan.
Seeing Kaindy for the first time, it seems that this is the real graveyard of ships! Indeed, from the turquoise surface of the reservoir here and there stick sharp peaks, similar to the masts of sunken ships. What is this? What secrets does Kaindy Lake hide in its depths?

Tour Locations:

  • Turgen Gorge

  • Museum of the "Golden Man"

  • Assy Plateau  (Altitude 2750m)

  • Red Mountains (Campsite spot)

  • Ancient petroglyphs

  • Observatory at altitude 2750m

  • Charyn Canyon, Black Canyon

  • Kaindy Lake (Sunken Forest)

  • Kolsai Lake

Total mileage of all tour:

680 km/ Off-road 140 km

Season: May-September


You will enjoy a 6 days trip

The tour is very exciting, filled with historical and geographical sights, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the expeditionary journey!. In this unforgettable Journey, you will visit the most sacred places of the National Natural Parks of Kazakhstan, surrounded by a professional and experienced guide!  You will feel as comfortable and safe!
We will make an adventure way on an SUV in the Almaty region on routes with different levels of difficulty!
Activities of our trip:
hiking, horseback riding, camping overnight, cooking on a fire, singing your favorite songs on the guitar, adventure roads on off-road vehicles, mountain biking trips and boating - all this awaits you on an exciting tour!

Day 1

Plateau Assy (alpine pasture with shepherds)

On this day, we will drive 80 km of off-road SUV in the mountains.

7:00AM A guide will pick you up from the hotel | Apartments | Hostel.
The route will be exciting, you will pass through many local villages. You can see what kind of life the locals lead, how they bake Asian bread.

By the time the road takes 1.5 hours (80 km), the speed mode is 60-80-100 km / h.
9:00 Short stop at the Museum of the Golden Man, Excursion
10:00 Departure through the
Turgen Gorge on Plateau Assy
12:00 Plateau Assy (Alpine pasture with shepherds) - Alpine pasture with mountains of 2300m above sea level. Arrival at the Observatory. Beautiful view of the panorama of the mountains. Height 2750m above sea level.
15:00 Stop at the
nomads in the Yurt.
Visit the Yurt- Mountain Nomadic Shepherds
Lunch in a real
Yurt in the middle of the mountains.
The guide will introduce you to the
nomadic life, you can ride a horse, drink milk (Horse Milk)
16:00 Visit of
ancient petroglyphs.
17:00 Red mountains, overnight stay at the Tents.
18:00 Cooking on the bonfire.
Night in a tent.

Day 2

Charyn Canyon (Valley of Castles)
6:30 breakfast
7:30 Departure to
Bartogai Lake
9:30 Visit Lake Bartogai. short Coffee break
10:30 Departure to
Charyn Canyon
12:00  Arrival time. We leave the jeep in the parking lot.
Hike to the tops of the Canyon in panorama.
13:00 Descent to the Canyon

Hiking - 3-6 km distance (Depends on the physical fitness of the guest, the Guide will offer several levels of tracking)

You will visit the most exciting locations
14:00 Rest at the Charyn River. Canyon Lunch

Explore 2 more completely  Canyons.

Explore another 2 absolutely wild Canyons
touch the still untouched Сanyons


a) We can stay overnight in a tent in one of the Wild Canyons.
b) go to the hot Natural springs located in the middle of the Steppe .... Mini resort on the territory of the hotel and various swimming pools.
Overnight stay

Day 3

Kaindy Lake (Sunken Forest)
6:30 Breakfast
7:30 Departure to
Kaindy Lake (Sunken Forest)

Visit Kaindy Lake
Departure from the Resort or Canyon ...
The road will take from 3 hours.
This is a fascinating way, we will see many landscapes.
The road to Kaindy Lake is not an easy way .. 15 km of terrain.
Leave deep on Parking.

a) walking trip 2-3 km.
b) Equestrian tour around the lake.
In the evening, arrival to the guest house at the Kazakh family
A delicious dinner will be prepared for us.
The guide introduce you to traditions and customs.
Overnight stay.

Day 4

7: 00 Breakfast
7:30 Departure
 to Kolsai Lake
12:30  Arrival time. We leave the jeep in the parking lot.
Hike around the huge Lake. - 3-6km distance
14:30 Lunch on the shore of the Lake
15:00 Rest
16:00 Departure to Almaty City
19:00 Arrival at the hotel

Price Economy Package:

Total Price: 720$


Jeep + Fuel+experienced English-speaking guide 

Full Package of Tour:

The cost depends on the number of person
1 person

2 person in group 407,5$/for All group 815$  
3 person in group 288$ /  for All group 865$  

4 person in group 228$ /  for All group 915$  

5 person in group 193$ /  for All group 965$  


Jeep + fuel + experienced English-speaking guide + accommodation in hotel or tent (all equipment included), food + entrance tickets to parks.

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